Honor Honor
Honors and Awards
Certificates & Qualifications
Registration Certificate of Import and Export Enterprise ( by Import and Export Enterprise Registration Administration)
Business License for Medical Equipment Distribution Enterprises ( by Shanghai Food and Drug Administration)
Certificate (Grade A) for International Bidding Agent (by State Ministry of Commerce)
Certificate (Grade A) for Government Procurement Intermediary ( by State Ministry of Finance )
Certificate (Grade A) for Bidding Intermediary of Machinery and Electrical Equipment (by the Bureau of Shanghai Machinery and Electrical Equipment Bidding Administration Office)
Business License of Coal Distribution Enterprise(by Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy)
License for Hazardous Chemicals Business Enterprise ( by Shanghai Administration of Work Safety)
Registration Certificate for Non-pharmaceutical Precursor Chemicals (by Shanghai Administration of Work Safety, Pudong Branch)
Food Distribution License ( by Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce, Pudong Branch)
Certificate (Grade A) for Customs Management ( by Shanghai Customs, PRC)
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